Who We Are?

Our story began by our beloved father and distinguished craftsman Mahmut Gayır, who has exceptional skills and experience in the marine boat manufacturing industry for more than 40 years. The manufacturing continued with the brand name of “İzmir Fiberglass” between 1985-2007. The manufacturing continued to grow with the joining of the sons of Mahmut Gayır and the “Viyaboat” brand has born in 2007.

In the way of institutionalization, we are combining time-honored family know-how that passed from father to son with the modern manufacturing and engineering perspectives. Our team consists of honest people who are qualified engineers, naval architects, and crafters, that is how we can ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We offer you naval masterpieces boats, unlimited sales and after-sales support, and an opportunity to join the “Viyaboat” family!

Quality Policies

We produce every marine vehicle in accordance with CE standards at the maximum level of safety and durability. Because we are aware that you are entrusted to us at sea.

"CE" standards are a sign that the product meets the minimum conditions that it must have in terms of safety, health, environment, and consumer protection and provides free movement of the product in the EU market.


Our marine boats are guaranteed for 2 years in any case of manufacturing faults. The accessories used on the boats are guaranteed by their individual manufacturers.

What's special with ViyaBoat?

Make sure that you have countless reasons to choose ViyaBoat. We will tell you a few of these reasons that are indispensable for us.

High performance and efficient body structures, structural integrity, and robustness.

The body design is one of the priorities of Viyaboat. Each point in the body structure definitely serves a purpose. Cruise and accommodation are enormously comfortable thanks to its strakes located under the body these in the right number, in the right position, and at the right size, the jaw structure at the opposite angle, the appropriate '' V '' structure and planing channels.

Customization Space

“Choosed” Viyaboat will special for you because of plenty of optional equipment options. Moreover independent combination of colors, ViyaBoat does not bring you any classification. You select any of the optional equipment, and you just imagine the colors. We will realizing your dreams.

You will feel more than “different”, you will have your identically and specially shaped ViyaBoat out of your own dreams.